Care Of Giclée Prints

Looking After Giclée photographic prints


Example of an archival mounted and framed Giclée print

When you acquire a fine art Giclée print it will provide you with many years of satisfaction and should gain in value as time passes. You can also help to preserve the print in prime condition by taking a few simple steps.

Your limited edition print is printed using an archival quality pigment ink set under controlled conditions on archival, acid free paper which will guarantee a long life. You can read more about the print process here. You can help prolong its long life by making sure that:

  • if you’ve bought an unmounted print that you only handle the print wearing clean cotton gloves to prevent oils from your hands being transferred to the print surface
  • you keep the print safely stored in a clean dry environment in the packaging that it was shipped in until you are ready to have it mounted and framed
  • your print is mounted using only acid free materials - archival quality materials including tape are usually all acid free
  • your print has a window mat to prevent direct contact with the glass at the front of your frame
  • your print is located out of direct sunlight, to prevent discolouration and to aid clear viewing
  • your print is located away from sources of heat to prevent the paper from drying out in the long term
  • you avoid high humidity levels by keeping your print in dry areas, to prevent mould and mildew forming on it or the mounting materials
  • your print is kept away from sources of pollution - be particularly careful near open fires
  • you use secure fixtures for hanging your picture frame - don't neglect this bit as I've had to have frames repaired due to poor fixings being used (be careful what you buy on the internet)

If you take care of your print then you will be able to enjoy if for many years to come. Choose and buy your print from the Print Sales gallery.