Bespoke environmental and sustainability focussed photography created to deliver audience engagement. 


We live in an age when it’s never been easier to communicate widely with the world. However by the same token it’s easier to get swamped by the vast array of messages out there, and peoples attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. 

To maximise your effectiveness you need people to stop scrolling and to engage with your content, and this is where great photography excels. But it’s not just about creating great pictures but about making the right photographs for each feature and platform.

As a sustainability photographer I will work with you to create bespoke imagery that captures your audiences attention and stops you getting lost in all the digital noise. 


Any proactive environmentally conscious business or organisation. You may have already made a commitment to become carbon positive, achieve net zero or may just have started your journey working towards becoming a more sustainable business.

You may also be a manufacturer or supplier of eco friendly products or you could be an environmental technology or solutions based business with an innovative new product or service looking to spread the word.

However because I take sustainability seriously I won’t with work with any business that is merely green washing itself by, for instance, using accounting based schemes to offset their impact without making changes that directly reduce it, so if that’s you then please don’t ask. 



We'll initially discuss your aims and objectives before drafting and agreeing on a production plan to create a tailored solution to maximise your impact using bespoke photography that concentrates on your environmental and sustainability goals, outcomes and successes. This may be in the form of a one off photo shoot, multiple ad hoc shoots over a period of several months or a scheduled amount of time in any given period aimed at giving you regular fresh content.

I will then work with you and your team to create and deliver what I call "stoppers" - premium quality imagery that will gain the maximum engagement across all media channels by causing your audience to stop scrolling, stop turning the page, stop passing by and consume your content.


There are a plethora of stock libraries out that offering a range of low cost one size fits all imagery so why go for premium bespoke imagery? Because one size never fits all and generic stock imagery looks just like that - generic. You also never know who else is using that imagery (i've seen competitors use images from the same photoshoot) and to what end - their message may be very different to yours.

When you reach out to your audience they want to feel a connection; they want it to be personal; they want to feel like they're getting to know you, and only bespoke photography can do that.

Photographs about your business, your products and services, and your people and your customers are real, they're genuine and people will feel that emotion. 


Doug on location in the Isles Of Scilly


With over 30 years experience of working in the environmental industry, and 20 years as a location photographer, you will be working with someone who understands the challenges faced by eco conscious businesses, and who knows how to deliver striking environmental photography that showcases your commitment to the future of the planet.

Also you'll be working with a sustainable supplier which is a key element of sustainability. I am committed to delivering a sustainable world, and am actively working on reducing and eliminating the environmental impact of running a successful photography business, whilst building long term relationships with like minded people.

You can read about what I am doing as an eco conscious photographer by reading this page on how to run a sustainable photography business.